In Theory, there is no difference
between Theory and Practice.
In Practice, there is.

Yogi Berra


Panathea Capital Partners PartG is an independent asset management and analytics company for absolute return investments, with a focus on Options and Futures strategies. Emphasis is on the development of quantitative and algorithmic trading strategies and their application in proprietary trading and on professional trading platforms. In addition, the company analyzes funds and strategies in the alternative investment segment.

Panathea has many years of experience in managing and developing institutional Options and Futures strategies within UCITS funds. In addition to its own resources Panathea can access an extensive network of business partners for various projects. Extensive experience in the capital markets from leading investment houses in Frankfurt, Paris, London and Zurich is combined with specific expertise in derivatives trading as well as in quantitative modeling and analysis.


The trading strategies developed and operated by Panathea employ liquid Options and Futures contracts on equity indices, fixed income instruments and currencies, and use proprietary quantitative allocation, risk management and optimization techniques. The objective is to achieve the most market-independent and long-term uncorrelated income.

In addition, Panathea analyzes absolute return trading strategies or strategy-elements such as hedging tools and risk control components. Panathea differentiates itself from traditional considerations by abandoning the production of classical indicators and emphasizing alternative statistical methods.


Dr. Clemens Glaffig

Founder and Principal Partner

Clemens Glaffig has over 30 years of experience in the trading, development and structuring of derivative strategies at renowned international investment firms.

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Clemens Glaffig is Principal Partner and founder of Panathea Capital Partners PartG, Freiburg. He served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arsago-Panathea AG, Pfäffikon, Switzerland, and as a Director of Panathea Holding AG, Zug, Switzerland. He was previously Head of Structured Finance Europe and Head of Capital Markets for Central and Northern Europe at CIBC World Markets London, U.K. From 1991 – 1996, Clemens Glaffig served as Executive Director for AIG Financial Products / Banque AIG in Paris and London, as Head of the Capital Markets business for the DACH region. At the end of the 80’s he founded and directed the OTC options business of Commerzbank, Frankfurt.

Prior to working in finance, Clemens Glaffig held positions as Visiting Professor of Mathematics at the University of California and as a Research Fellow at Ruhr University Bochum. Clemens Glaffig holds a PhD in mathematical physics from CalTech, Pasadena, USA.


Panathea Capital Partners PartG